Brave Miss World


Compelling, smart, beautiful, funny, sad, and dynamic….these are just a few of the words that I would use to describe Linor Abargil. I had the privilege of hearing her speak last week at a women’s luncheon for the Jewish Federation. Linor’s apparent beauty and engaging personality led her to become Miss Israel, and later, Miss World. This all happened at the age of 18. What is incredulous, is that she was crowned Miss World just 6 weeks after being brutally raped. I will not document the entire story for you. Suffice to say, I strongly recommend that you download this 80 minute documentary on Netflix, as Jeff and I did this week.

  Why is this the second time that I am writing about this subject? The answer is simple and clear. Women and men must be made aware of this horrendous crime and we must do what we can to give victims of rape, a voice, so that they are truly heard. In this way, we are enabling them to preserve their dignity and sanity. Why the laws allow these monsters to go free, often times without being convicted or serving time, is a question that burns deep in my soul. I want to do everything that I can to help spread the word that there are a multitude of support groups for rape victims that will enable the healing process to take place.

Linor has used her tragedy to speak out and to help other victims heal by allowing them the opportunity to  express themselves and tell their story.  Through her website, she has given thousands of women and men (statistically 1 in 6 men will and have been raped), throughout the world, a voice and a forum for being heard.

Linor’s strength and fortitude are both remarkable and a blessing.