Beautify Your Surroundings

Flowers From the Grocery Store

 I believe that your physical surroundings impact your life in ways that can affect your mental and physical health. Some people operate better when they have their papers piled in stacks that make sense only to them. Others,(yours truly), cannot function in clutter, and must have open clean spaces.  No matter your preference, I have never come across anyone who doesn’t appreciate a bouquet of fresh flowers to brighten a mood,  mark an occasion, or simply decorate a room. I try to add fresh flowers to my home on a weekly basis. It is something that is readily available, reasonably affordable, especially if purchased from your local grocery store or market, and adds instant beauty to any room.

Here are my tips for purchasing and arranging flowers.

First off, choosing flowers comes down to personal taste and preference. However, when choosing any flower there are certain things one should look for.

Ask the florist or grocer when the flowers are delivered, and try to schedule your weekly visits accordingly. If not, simply examine the flowers. Try to choose ones that are not completely opened so that they will ultimately be longer lasting. Some flowers have a shorter life span than others. Irises, for example, tend to perish after a couple of days. Similarly, tulips tend not to last longer than  4-5 days. These are beautiful specimens, however, so gage accordingly. In the spring, for example, I fill my home with tulips because they are so beautiful. I am equipped with the knowledge that they may not survive the week, but I don’t care, because as they age, they bend and sway in the vase in such dramatic ways, that I find their beauty to be more enhanced.

Always trim the ends before placing them in water, and ensure that the water is neither too warm nor too cold; room temperature is ideal.

If there is plant food attached to your bouquet, go ahead and add it, although this is not necessary.

Arrange according to color and height. It is always nice to keep longer stems in the middle and shorter ones along the side.

Finally, change the water once a week, and re-trim the bottoms. This extends the life of your flowers.