Emergency Backpack

About 6 months ago, while driving calmly through Beverly Hills, I got pulled over by a police officer. I had no idea  why he stopped me. I knew I wasn’t speeding, I didn’t change lanes in the middle of an intersection, nor did I run a red light, heaven forbid! “Is my tail light out?” I inquired, “no,” he replied, and with the straightest, sternest face, he informed me that “the back of your car was in the intersection for 3 seconds after the light turned red.” “What?” Really?” “Yes,” he answered, “and I am giving you a ticket.” Well that ended my pleasantries. I had nothing more to say to him; I was flabbergasted….and annoyed.

I finally took my online traffic school course last weekend. As I was reading through the section on what and how to be prepared in states of emergencies such as accidents, weather or other car problems, it occurred to me that my car was not equipped with any of the necessities listed, such as flares, first aid kit, survival blankets and rain gear.

I ordered this one by Ready America, available here. I purchased one for each of our cars. Better to be safe than sorry!