Scentimental Journey

Last week, as we made our way to the Vienna airport en route to Paris, I discovered that I had left my 2 travel atomizers of perfume in the bathroom of the Bristol Hotel. Since I am unable to go through a day without perfume, I asked Jeff to accompany me to the Duty Free store where we could choose a new fragrance together. This was actually something we had never done before and so we were actually excited about the activity, even though for Jeff, it involved spending money!

I perused the many aisles and came upon the Guerlain shelf. I have no idea what drew me to that particular brand, but I picked up two different bottles of “La Petite Robe Noire.” I asked Jeff to choose between the one with cherry (his favorite fruit), undertones or the one with raspberry. I was convinced he would choose the cherry; but to my surprise, he reacted more favorably to the raspberry undertones. I bought the bottle and proceeded to spray the inside of my forearms, neck and chest. I loved the fragrance and the flight attendant did as well!

Later that week, while visiting my favorite Parisian department store, Le Bon Marche, I decided to have a look at the Christian Dior Boutique. While I admired the beautiful dresses and handbags, I was entranced by a certain fragrance that wafted through the air. I asked the sales person what she had just sprayed. She showed me a bottle of Gris Montaigne, one of the fashion house’s private collection fragrances. I love to layer fragrances, so I sprayed it on an area of my arm that was adjacent to where I had sprayed La Petite Robe Noire. As I walked around and the fragrance opened up, we both admitted that the pair worn together was intoxicating. People asked me what I was wearing, and that convinced me to make a second fragrance purchase that week. I have never found two fragrances that seem to compliment one another as beautifully as these do, nor have I ever experienced such a response—“what fragrance are you wearing?”


The best part of all is that whether I wear them alone or together, I will always associate them with the summer of 2014, creating my own “scentimental” journey.