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Stock Up On Stockings

Are nylons/stockings back in fashion and better for making older legs look nice?


  I have much to say on this subject. I love to go bare legged whenever possible because it is more comfortable to not wear panty hose. However, after an hour of wearing pumps with bare feet, I hear my toes screaming at me: “What were you thinking? There is nowhere for us to move, let alone breathe in these shoes!”

  Without going into graphic details, my feet start to sweat, swell and expand, leaving very little memory of how much more comfortable it was not to have donned panty hose. I tend to remove my shoes to cool down my feet. The repeated exercise of taking the shoes off and putting them back on, is exhausting and annoying. Therefore, I now choose to wear nylons with pumps.

  Panty hose or stockings, also enhance the look of the leg, no matter one’s age. As we age, the skin on our body loses its glow and it begins to pale in color. Too much sun exposure over the years, can lead to unsightly sun spots that begin to mar the skin on your leg. Nylons are a good camouflage for this, as they even out the skin tone and enhance the look of your leg.

  If you simply cannot bear to wear the hose, and can’t stand your white legs, you can always apply a makeup that won’t come off on your clothes. I like to use Divine Legs by Caudelie. Lancome also makes a good one.

  Panty hose also come in a variety of elasticity. If you have a tummy that you want to flatten, control top hose, although not that comfortable, performs the magic. Pantyhose also even out the bumps and lumps such as love handles that we seem to develop as we get older. For this little problem, a sheer version works very well, and is actually more comfortable than Spanx. Don’t get me wrong, I love Spanx, they hold in, smooth out and keep me warm when there is a chill in the air and I am wearing sandals with my dress.

  Whatever you decide, don’t part with the hose, these muti-taskers are worth wearing.

These are some of my favorites:

Donna Karan Nudes Sheer to Waist or with Control Top 

Wolford Naked Ultra Sheer Tights 

Calvin Klein Infinite Sheer Tights