Meet Lesley Wolman: My Bridging The Gap Partner

Character. Intelligence. Strength. Style.
That makes beauty.

It's not an age.
And that's why I am so honoured to be a part of "Bridging The Gap" campaign.
Its time to end the stigma between successful women based on a number.

Look at my gorgeous "midlife" partner, Lesley Wolman. I know, you'd think she would be on the "millennial" side. For one, I don't think she ages, she has cooler style than me, works out like a mad woman, cooks like Martha Stewart & definitely beats my shower sing alongs as if she's Beyoncé.

Kelly Johnston and Lesley Wolman

Oh. Can I add a pretty BIG plus? She's Canadian! It was so refreshing to meet up with a fellow Canuck. It's just a one of a kind bond that really is something special when you meet someone from the good ol North.

Born in Winnipeg, then moved to Toronto to further her nursing degree, where she practiced in Toronto and New York.  She remained in New York while her husband received his law degree and she performed on Broadway (Yup, she really is the real deal). They later moved to LA, where she was a stay at home mom to two beautiful children (Yale & Serena) and her husband Jeff, became a business manager in the entertainment industry.    I still need to find out who these entertainers are?! Hmmm.       I'm thinking he could add his wife to his list of clients because Lesley has been pursuing her own music career herself. Recording albums and singing in her own cabaret shows... and let's not forget that she has a new album coming out titled "The Great Canadian Songbook" so we all need to check that out... I know I am! I hear she does a Michael Bublé cover.... she obviously has amazing taste in music as well.

Lesley deep into song recording "The Great Canadian Songbook."

Lesley deep into song recording "The Great Canadian Songbook."

Lesley has the BEST advice. She's 58 (I know, I don't believe it either) and she has a few years on me but that doesn't mean a thing. Whether it's about fashion, recipes, taking care of your skin, makeup or facing the reality of our metabolism... she really does know her stuff.   I mean, she rocks a leather dress better than I EVER will. By the way, I really do want to raid her closet. Have you seen her effortless posts here on IG (@lesleywolman) she's vibrant, fashionable and totally being herself. That's what I love about her.  She doesn't define herself by a silly number.  And she rocks anything and everything with pure confidence.

I would love to hit the mall with this woman! And the spa... and and and....

If you follow her blog ( you'll understand where I am coming from.


She shows her compassion and total hip side of her in every post she shares. I always joke with her about adopting me (don't worry mom, you're still my #1) because we have so much in common, she's hilarious, interesting, kind, intelligent, big hearted and let's face it... we kind of look alike, don't you think?

I admire her heart. And you can recognize her big heart in how she finds it in her to always give back. She lights right up when she talks about helping out her community. She told me if there was anything valuable that I could take from her, it is to be passionate about giving back into the world. Bless her heart. We need more of these people in our world.  

Lesley wearing her Jewish Federation Lion of Judah pin as a necklace. She is enromously proud of the work she does on behalf of The Federation.

Lesley wearing her Jewish Federation Lion of Judah pin as a necklace. She is enromously proud of the work she does on behalf of The Federation.


I am so so lucky to have linked up with Lesley. Not only am I proud to share and show her off, I am forever thankful for the friendship we will continue to build. This bond was meant to be and with this experience I have never looked at this as a "project", it has been a huge honour of mine to have met this wonderful woman and I only look forward to learning from one another and rooting for each other throughout our journey.
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