Fab Skin

My skincare routine has not varied since I turned seventeen, except for the addition of a few products such as exfoliators, serums and neck cream. To the 3 steps of cleanse tone and moisturize, I have remained steadfast and true.

This will be the first in a series that I will present on the blog, called Fab Skin.

Since Step One is Cleansing, let’s start with some of my favorite cleansers:

In the morning, after I have worked out and my face has accumulated a lot of sweat, I like to use a foam cleanser and brush such as those by Clinique or Clarisonic and wash it off with water. Unless your skin is extremely dry or sensitive, a foam cleanser and brush should not affect your skin in any way except for getting it clean. You can use the brush and a foam cleanser both in the morning and evening if you so choose. I am now addicted to Chanel's Sublimage skin cleanser which melts away the makeup and is removed with a wet washcloth. As you massage this cleanser into your skin, it warms and essentially moisturizes your skin at the same time as it cleanses it.  Your washcloth will not retain the makeup that is removed; a simple wash with water will clean it from the washcloth before laundering. 

Here are some of my favorites

Cetaphil Cleanser

La Priairie Foam Cleanser

Lancome Clarifying Self Foaming Cleanser 

Fresh Soy Cleanser (smells great too!)

Origins Anti-Aging Cleanser

Chanel's Sublimage skin cleanser