A Little or a Lot of Color

Since Spring is associated with color, both in nature and fashion,  you should also  consider adding it to your make up routine. Here are three different ways to wear a pop of color on your lips.

1)   I cannot say enough great things about the chubby lip crayon. It comes in an array of colors and goes on sheer. You can determine how much color you want by going over it a number of times. They are easy to use and my favorite, by Sisley, requires no sharpener!

2)   The newest and hottest lipwear for spring is matte lipsticks. They have incredible staying power and the new formulations don’t dry out your lips. My favorites to try right now are by MAC and NARS.

3)   If you would rather not experiment and love the look of lip gloss, then venture into the coral or hot pink palette. Good ones to try are by YSL, Laura Mercier and Sisley.  They deposit a lot of color while still remaining sheer.