Ruby Lips

This week is all about breaking the rules, and I love it!

We are often advised not to wear red lipstick after a certain age, because it ages us. We are told  to stick with light pinks, corals, and nude glosses, because they soften our look. I say phooey, that is a lot of hooey!  I will admit that not every red is right for every woman, and even though some claim that there is a “universal” red, I disagree. All of us have a skin undertone of either blue or yellow. I was taught to look at the inside of my wrist to determine the color of my undertone. Mine is yellow, and my daughter’s is blue. My red lipsticks have more orange tones and hers have more blue in them.

No matter the color, applying red lipstick is an art and there are a few steps you should take to ensure that yours is as beautiful and flattering as possible. Of note is the advice that one should keep the eye neutral and not layer the lid with a lot of color. Again, this is totally up to you. Here I kept my neutral and swiped a black liner over the top lid with a soft brown on the bottom.


  1. Start with a clean palette, and wipe off any traces of lipstick. It even helps to dab a tiny bit of foundation or concealer.

2. Line your lips with a red liner that closely matches the lipstick.

3. Using a lip brush, fill in the lips with the lipstick.

4. Blot with a tissue.

5. Re fill in the color and blot again.

6. Insert a finger into your mouth to remove any lipstick that might smudge onto your teeth.

7. Smile!

Here are some of my faves!


YSL - 203 and 204

NARS - Jungle Red

La Prairie - Flame

Chanel - 63 (Rebelle) 

Prestige - Salmon

Bite - Pomegranate


La Prairie - Ruby Lip Liner

Prestige - Tomango Lip Liner